Monday, August 3, 2009

You wouldn't hate me in this, right?

Bridesmaids dresses are evil. There. I said it. Why create a dress that's super cute and would look perfect at soooo many different events but then make it of a fabric that clearly (CLEARLY) says, "I shouldn't be here."

This JCrew dress on the left is of cotton. Cotton can go anywhere. Cotton can go to BBQs. Cotton can go on a first date. Cotton can have a drop of water fall onto it and not explode. Cotton can also stand up next to your best friend and drink champagne.


  1. This girl also has the posture most doctors dream of.

    (oops, was I sounding angry?) I like the dress ;)

  2. Wait, doctors that specialize in saggy shoulder bones? They are the same ones that must get all the "my mouth is stuck in a pout" patients.

    Wait, is this mean? I can't tell this late in the work day.