Monday, August 3, 2009

In the Famous Words of Barbie

I should have a category that's called, "Obvious Stuff Z Points Out" because tonight is what I believe will be the first of many.

I took over the kitchen table after work. I started working on our Save the Dates while he was cooking. He had seen me cutting all weekend and asked how many more I had to do. "Well, there's like 200 total," I said. He looked at me a second, maybe waiting for the joke's punchline. "You know," he started slowly, "we're inviting that many people but" and then it struck me. Oh good Lord. Oooh good Lord. This is not like if 200 people were all having a birthday on one day. There aren't going to be 200 personalized Stewart (yes we named our owl) cards.

"Ooooooh," I said staring down at the stack of paper. "People are going to be getting these from us forever."

Zach went back to his onion and livers.

So there I am staring at all the paper and first: excitement. Seriously? There's a TON less work than I thought. But then quickly something else began its seep. Well, if I had realized that it would be like 120 instead of 200 then maybe I would have done two owls.... holding hands. Maybe I could still do that. But then I'd have to cut out 240 owls instead of 120 and then that would mean carving *another* stamp and if it's just one than shouldn't I have been *more* careful about the paper I was choosing and really considering colors and NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Zach looks up from his livers.

"I'm fine," I say. Cut. Cut. Cut. Stewart's little eyes beam up from me from a green on green polka dot paper.

This is part of it. Managing the crazy. I am not a bad person for falling fortunately into less work. I am not somehow stripping the love out of these tiny creations if suddenly it's *more* manageable.

I will just keep this in mind when I'm working the invites.

Also, Barbie tooootally got it right. Math *is* hard.


  1. Ok, maybe reading is hard, but I'm a little confused. Is it because of couples that you can make less?

  2. Couples. Families. Sons that won't move out of the house. It's very exciting.