Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hattie Newman (via Design*Sponge)

Some days I look on the blogs and see all the things we've been thinking about for our wedding. I think, "Oh, it's been done. So then if I do it I'm copying." And then I think, "Just because it's been done doesn't mean...right?" Followed quickly by, "It doesn't freak'n matter. Calm down!" And after I get to stage 3 I can feel free just to love what I see and dreamily muse, "People are talented. Life is great."

That said, I now love Hattie Newman. Also, I love this tree.

There is a tree that is going to look not quite similar but a similar idea come next August. I've already claimed dibs to a particular tree in my parents' yard. If it gets cut, it is NOT (I repeat NOT) going into the chopper. (Also apparently not into our apartment so finding an interim home may be a challenge.) Or if it doesn't get cut, I have been given permission to decorate it's little tree skeleton. This means I will have a hot glue gun on a 30 foot long extension cord with me at the top of a latter. That is starting to sound like a perfect day.

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