Friday, August 28, 2009

Hanging Beads (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

I love the beads as a centerpiece. I assumed they were not chandeliers but instead originated from a structure on the table. However, I still can't quite tell.

This wouldn't work so well for an outside wedding (wind) but I think it's just so elegant.

This is from an excursion OhSoBeautifulPaper went on organized by The table is the work of David Beahm Designs.


  1. Hi Kelly! You're correct, the beads are hanging from clear structures (I don't remember if they're glass or plastic) to create the effect of a chandelier. All the lighting is set up around the ceiling of the ballroom and directed down to specific points on the table.

  2. I hadn't even thought how the lighting would effect the appearance of the final design. (I'm never good at considering lighting.)

    Thank you so much for the explanation! It must have been beautiful in person.