Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh Michael's (Trip 1)

Tonight was my first foray into Micheal's post engagement. It felt kind of magical. Kind of like a rite of passage.

Theoretically I'm keeping personal spending down to $35 a week (not including voice lessons.) The idea is that the money I'd normally be binging on random crafts will be happily allocated to wedding crafts. Therefor I didn't feel guilty about my $50 put down at the store and still mostly don't feel guilty about the dollars after most of what I purchased proved to be totally and absolutely inefficient.

I'm trying to not add complications (ie. number of cuts) to the Save the Dates but due to design issues my master (simple) plan is slowly becoming more complex. I'll try and post pictures tomorrow along with my restratigzation. (<---So not a word but spell check is failing me.)

PS- I'm going to keep track of how many times I go into craft stores to find wedding things. So far Micheals-1, SCRAP- 3

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