Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm not accusing, I'm just asking.

In the summer Z and I try and ride our bikes to and from work. This is fantastic exercise and gives us 6 miles to just chat before we hit the busy 3 miles of highway. However, sometimes bike chatting isn't the easiest kind, and miscommunication can take place when eye contact cannot. There is clearly a lot of wedding in my brain and sometimes between times I share ideas with him ideas have changed. He is great with rolling with most of the punches, but when he thought that suddenly I had decided the men's suits needed to match the table clothes, his ears perks up in an "Excuse me?!"

When we started the planning process we set down some very basic ideas. This means there are a lot of things the wedding won't be. It won't be expensive. It won't be flashy. It won't be obsessed with coordinating colors. There is nothing wrong with any of those things; they just aren't for us. These are ideas we both agreed to easily.

I realized in the discussion that stemmed from Friday's biking miscommunication that I have a terrible habit (terrible for me, terrible for Zach) of assuming if Z has a comment or a question of many of my wedding ideas I very quickly think he thinks I'm changing the entire wedding to the entire list of things we said we didn't want, and ergo he thinks I'm a terrible and selfish (not to mention shallow) person. It sounds funny when I write it out. It's equally ridiculous in my brain...but only when I realize what is actually happening and not just reacting to the emotions I feel.

Wedding discussions specifically clarified a bad habit I have in other conversations we have. It's good to have edges on a bad habit. Hopefully I can catch myself next time (wedding related or not) and remember that he doesn't think I'm a trite human being. He just wants to know if I'm seriously saying the suits and table cloths have to be the same thread count. (I was not nor will ever.)

Who knew all those chemicals that keep us breathing could also cause us to much trouble?

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