Thursday, August 27, 2009

You could be paper.

Here's the flower (from our neighbors to the south) that's inspired all the crape paper goodness. I will try this one when I get home from our 4 day PDX shoot. (That's where I am right now!)

I made the comment to Z that I really like some of the tissue/crape paper flowers but I think my favorites for the tables are the fabric flowers. Together they look kind of odd and it's too bad we can't use them all.

Without a beat he says, "Just put different types of flowers in different parts of the yard."

So simple..and yet I may have never gotten there. The brain is a strange series of channels. Once you start in a direction, it's hard to jump tracks.


  1. What a beautiful flower. Love the color (you know I would!) What is it? Must add it to my document.

  2. Hmmm...don't know. Neither does my Mom. We'll figure it out.